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The McArthur Centre Pocket Glazing System is the most popular and flexible of the ALSPEC Commercial Architectural Centre Pocket Framing Systems. Available in two frame depths, 101.6mm and 152.4mm it meets the majority of general wind load and span requirements. Ideal for shopfront applications, it is widely favoured by architects for high end residential projects.

A feature of the McArthur 101.6mm System is the Double Glazing option which contributes to energy efficiency.

With it’s straight cuts and centre pocket glazing the McArthur not only looks good, but is easy to fabricate and easy to install. Suitable for a range of glass thicknesses up to 10.4mm it has self draining sub sills that solve water leakage problems. The McArthur also provides a seamless interface with ALSPEC’s View-Max Window range and the ALSPEC Commercial Sliding Door, along with the Hawkesbury Multi-fold Door.

Straight cut ends Simple to fabricate
High weather performance Offers protection from the elements
Pocket glazing Reduces the number of glazing beads required thus lowering fabrication and installation time
Complete range of accessories available Ease of fabrication
Seamless interface with the View-Max Window Allows for design flexibility
Accepts up to 10.4mm glass Offers the designer multiple glass options to meet demanding thermal and acoustic specifications


  • For structural stability refer to the ALSPEC Techncial Manual.
  • Designed to meet AS2047.