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Ecoframeplus 400/600

Double Glazed Shopfront Suite

Fully compliant with AS/NZS 4666:2000

The ecoFRAMEplus is the ideal system principally when energy efficiency is paramount. It’s versatility allows countless specifications to be achieved, from standard shopfront applications, through to the most challenging structural and energy requirements.

ecoFRAMEplus allows a frame to transform from single to double glazed with ease. Glazing could not be simpler with the colour coded wedges to deal with the many diverse glass options. With the use of H/duty mullions the ecoFRAMEplus 600 can allow heights to reach and surpass 4.0m depending upon wind loading conditions. Subsills are recommended for optimum weathering with all ecoFRAMEplus systems.

Key Features

  • European influenced design
  • Non-handed frame design
  • Sharp unbroken lines
  • 100, 150 x 50mm frame
  • Integrated glazing pocket design to suit single, thick glass and double glazed options ranging from 4mm to 28mm
    • Single glazing from 4mm to 10.38mm
    • Thick glass from 10mm to 18mm
    • Double glazing from 16mm to 28mm
  • Secure glazing using fully captive backing gaskets to outside of window frame
  • Colour coded glazing wedges ranging from 3mm to 7mm in one millimetre increments
  • Outstanding weathering performance
  • WER’s rated
  • Extensive mullion interlocking options for a multitude of applications
  400 600
Test sample size 2.1m high x 2.4mwide 2.1m high x 2.4mwide
Test report number AS08-019 AS08-020
Serviceability load @I/250 +/-2.0Pa +/-2.5Pa
Ultimate load +/-3.0Kpa +/-3.8Kpa
Water penetration 1000Pa 1200Pa
Air infiltration @75Pa +0.08 l/s/m²
-0.08 l/s/m²
+0.04 l/s/m²
-0.05 l/s/m²
Air infiltration @150Pa +0.13 l/s/m²
-0.13 l/s/m²
+0.00 l/s/m²
-0.05 l/s/m²